The Wheel Tray rocks!! Yes, seriously this is the item you really want and need because it so fun and helpful!
Its a foldable device that opens up and turns your steering wheel into a TV Tray for eating, drinking, reading etc while kicking back in your car, NOT DRIVING of course!
Need to jot down a phone number, date or some notes - just use the built in white board!
When your done, fold it up and it prevents items from falling into the "black hole" between you seat and console!!  Lots of other uses too! Pre-Order yours NOW!


Materials and colors subject to change without notice based on availability.

PRE ORDER - Finished Wood Wheel Tray

  • The wheel tray is a tv tray for your car.   Multifunctional, acts as a table for a meal, your computer, and gives you freedom to multitask.